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Senator Brandon Creighton: District 4

Press Room Archives


05/28/2017 PDF
Creighton Asks Gov. Abbott for a Property Tax Special Session

05/27/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton On Passage Of State Budget

05/24/2017 PDF
Creighton on Government Reform Package Out of Senate

05/18/2017 PDF
Governor Abbott Signs Lone Star GCD Into Law

05/18/2017 PDF
Creighton Passes Jones State Forest Bill

05/16/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton's Texas Ports Legislation Sent to Governor

05/08/2017 PDF
Montgomery County Delegation Changes Lone Star GCD

05/05/2017 PDF
Creighton Passes Groundwater Conservation District Legislation

05/04/2017 PDF
Creighton's Buy America Steel Legislation Advances

05/02/2017 PDF
Governor Abbott Signs Pro-Israel Legislation

04/27/2017 PDF
Creighton Passes Resolution on Veteran Memorial Park in Conroe

04/26/2017 PDF
Creighton Passes Buy America Steel Legislation

04/24/2017 PDF
Creighton's Groundwater Conservation District Bill Advances

04/12/2017 PDF
Creighton Passes Tenth Amendment Resolution

03/28/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton's Update on Jones State Forest Bill

03/27/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton on Jones State Forest Bill

03/25/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton To Change Lone Star GCD To Elected

03/22/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton Passes Pro-Israel Bill

03/21/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton Passes State Agency Savings Bill

03/21/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton Passes Pro-Life Tort Reform Bill

03/06/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton Files Texas Ports Infrastructure Improvement Legislation

02/27/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton On Committee Passage Of Senate Bill 25 - Physician Liability Bill

02/21/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton on Montgomery County Support for Property Tax Reform

01/18/2017 PDF
Senator Creighton Receives Committee Assignments for the 85th Legislative Session



07/30/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton on Online Solicitation Dismissal by State District Court Judge

07/14/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Statement on Planned Parenthood's Harvesting and Selling of Baby Body Parts

07/08/2015 HTM
Three-Judge District Panel Signed Into Law

07/06/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Statement on the Passing of Former State Representative Ruben Hope

06/17/2015 HTM
Right to Hunt and Fish on November Ballot

05/25/2015 HTM
Private School Credit Card Bill Passes Texas Legislature

05/22/2015 HTM
Fireworks Double Taxation Repealed

05/22/2015 HTM
Texas Legislature Approves Legislation for The Woodlands

05/21/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton on House and Senate Tax Relief Plan

05/19/2015 HTM
Beekeepers Bill Passes Texas Legislature

05/18/2015 HTM
Texas Legislature OKs Three-Judge District Panel

05/07/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton on Passage of Pre-Kindergarten Legislation

05/05/2015 HTM
Sabine-Neches Navigation District Legislation Passes Texas Legislature

04/30/2015 HTM
Texas Senate OKs Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday

04/28/2015 HTM
Government Agency Savings Incentive Program Clears Texas Senate

04/16/2015 HTM
Texas Senate Tightens State Spending Limit

04/14/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton on Passage of State Budget

04/13/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton on Senate's Historic Vote to Reaffirm Texas Sovereignty

04/10/2015 HTM
Senators Creighton and Kolkhorst One Step Closer to Protecting Private Property Rights

04/10/2015 HTM
Creighton Calls for Abbott to Oppose Conversion of Al Price Facility
· Attachment: Senator Creighton Letter to Governor Abbott

04/09/2015 HTM
Sabine-Neches Navigation District Legislation Clears Senate

04/01/2015 HTM
Creighton Passes Bill Honoring Veterans

04/01/2015 HTM
Creighton Passes "Right to Hunt & Fish" out of Senate

03/31/2015 HTM
Creighton Passes First Bill as State Senator

03/23/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton's State Sovereignty Resolution Passes Out of Committee

03/19/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton On Senate Passage of Campus Carry

03/17/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton On Senate Passage of Open Carry

03/04/2015 HTM
Senators Creighton and Taylor Author Legislation to Strengthen Schools and Empower Parents

03/02/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Joins Fellow Senate Republicans in Standing Against Medicaid Expansion

02/19/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Statement on Governor Abbott's Joint Press Conference Addressing Executive Amnesty Ruling

02/17/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Statement Regarding Governor Abbott's State of the State Address

02/12/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton on Committee Passage of Campus Carry and Open Carry

02/10/2015 HTM
Celebrating Chambers County Day at the Texas State Capitol

02/02/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Elected Republican Caucus Vice-Chairman

01/30/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Statement on Dallas-Houston High-Speed Rail Proposal

01/26/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Joint Authors 'Campus Personal Protection' Act

01/23/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Receives Committee Assignments for the 84th Legislative Session

01/22/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Files Franchise Tax Reform Legislation

01/21/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton Statement on New 60 Percent Rule

01/15/2015 HTM
Senator Creighton and Representative Ashby File “Right to Hunt & Fish” Constitutional Amendment

01/09/2015 PDF
Senator Creighton Announces 84th Legislative Staff