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Team Senators

Colorful trading cards will tell you all about the players on the Senate team. The 31 members will be profiled according to their personal and political backgrounds, districts, and careers. Get a teacher or parent to help you find out which senator represents you.
**NOTE: Trading cards, new senator information, and other upgrades coming soon for the 84th Legislature

Madlib Activity What kind of Senator would you be? Play the Senator "MadLib" game to find out.

You can help kids find out who their senator is at the capitol web site's "FYI" page. Because Senate districts are not drawn with regard to zip code or county, you may have to determine a student's senator based on street address.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick

Senators by District Number

  1. Kevin Eltife
  2. Bob Hall
  3. Robert Nichols
  4. Brandon Creighton
  5. Charles Schwertner
  6. Sylvia R. Garcia
  7. Paul Bettencourt
  8. Van Taylor
  9. Kelly Hancock
  10. Konni Burton
  11. Larry Taylor
  12. Jane Nelson
  13. Rodney Ellis
  14. Kirk Watson
  15. John Whitmire
  16. Don Huffines
  1. Joan Huffman
  2. Lois Kolkhorst
  3. Carlos Uresti
  4. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
  5. Judith Zaffirini
  6. Brian Birdwell
  7. Royce West
  8. Troy Fraser
  9. Donna Campbell
  10. Jose Menendez
  11. Eddie Lucio, Jr.
  12. Charles Perry
  13. Jose Rodriguez
  14. Craig Estes
  15. Kel Seliger

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