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House Joint Interim Committee on Criminal Justice and People with Mental Disabilities

Study the special problems of individuals with mental disabilities in the criminal justice system. Consider such information as the number of people in the system with mental disabilities, the quality of assessment measures to determine competence, the adequacy of representation, the availability of services, and treatment and barriers to reintegration into the community.

  • Amend Chapter 614 of the Health and Safety Code to direct the Texas Council on Offenders with Mental Impairments (TCOMI) to conduct a pre- and post- evaluation of the jail screening instrument's effectiveness in identifying persons with mental impairments.

  • Direct TCOMI to conduct a study on how the confidentiality statutes are being interpreted and implemented statewide. As a followup, TCOMI should conduct a fiscal analysis of duplication and inefficiencies in the clinical assessment process.

  • Conduct a cost analysis of the specialized Mental Health Deputy program to determine the feasibility of expanded development across the state.

  • Amend Chapter 614 of the Health and Safety Code to include Community Supervision and Corrections Departments (CSCDs) and local law enforcement in the memorandum of understanding process.