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House Interim Committee on County Affairs

Study issues surrounding proposals to change or eliminate certain county offices, including safeguards for the voters and officials of county governments and the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the procedures.

During the 74th Legislature, the County Affairs Committee received seven bills proposing the abolition of various constitutionally created offices. Currently, a constitutional amendment must be ratified in order to allow specific counties to abolish certain officers. Opponents of the present process want to allow individual counties to determine the fate and duties of their officials.

  • The current process of abolishing constitutionally created offices should remain substantially the same, but should include two additional requirements. First, all resolutions proposing to abolish an office should contain a provision requiring simultaneous approval in the specified county. Second, the legislature should consider requiring the county to enter into a cost-sharing agreement with the state to cover the county's proportionate share of costs related to placing the proposed constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot.