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House Joint Interim Committee on Regional Issues

Study the voluntary consolidation or restructuring of city governments, county governments, or other political subdivisions.


Historically, the legislature has given broad annexation authority to Texas municipalities. Some residents in unincorporated areas near cities, especially in the Houston region, want more input in the annexation process.

  • Require cities to prepare a long-term "master growth plan" for annexation and regulation of extraterritorial jurisdiction, and require the cities to include representatives of the area to be annexed in the planning process.


    In 1995, during the 74th Legislature, S.J.R. 47 proposed voluntary consolidations of city and county governments in 11 different counties. The resolution passed the Senate but died in the House State Affairs Committee. The proposed constitutional amendment would have allowed a county and certain political subdivisions to adopt a charter to restructure the government into a single consolidated county government.

  • Provide for the establishment of a citizens' commission on consolidation and regional issues to be considered by the 75th Legislature.