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House Interim Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures


Determine whether current bingo practices are consistent with the intentions of early enabling legislation and whether current practices serve the public interest.


  • Retain the regulation of bingo by the Texas Lottery Commission.

  • Amend the Bingo Enabling Act to strengthen the role of the regulation entity.

  • Amend restrictions on prize limits per game and occasion.

  • Eliminate the collection of taxes on prizes of less than $250.

  • Amend the Bingo Enabling Act to define "pull­tab," "location," "place," "premise," "licensed authorized organization," "system service provider," "nominal value," and "primary business office."

  • Add "licensed system service provider" to entities eligible to purchase or lease from bingo manufacturers.

  • Reduce and/or adjust maximum rental rates charged.

  • Amend language related to the charitable distribution requirement to provide for statutorily required gross receipt minimums.

  • Allow charitable organizations to advertise and promote charitable bingo, including prize amounts offered. Permit lessors, upon approval from the Texas Lottery Commission, and in conjunction with its charitable organizations, to advertise and promote charitable bingo.

  • Dedicate a small portion of bingo fees and taxes collected to the creation and development of Public Service Announcements to promote the charitable nature of bingo.

  • Permit the use of door prizes and raffles in conjunction with charitable bingo.

  • Prohibit ownership or control of any bingo licences by a publicly-held company or a foreign corporation.

  • Amend the Bingo Enabling Act to redefine "bingo," "VFD," "bingo occasion," "intermission," and "pull­tab dispenser."

  • Reinstate "charitable intent," language that was earlier deleted.

  • Grant summary suspension authority and subpoena power to the Texas Lottery Commission.

  • Address the issue of the use of "third party lessors," and add restrictions.

  • Amend temporary authorization provision.

  • Allow the Commission to discontinue and return an incomplete applicantion.

  • Authorize electronic filing of applications and amendments.