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Speed Limits on Toll Roads - S.B. 161

by Senator Lindsay

House Sponsor: Representative Elkins

§ Authorizes the commissioners court of Harris County to establish a speed limit of not more than 70 miles per hour on limited-access or controlled-access highways, such as toll roads, within the county.


Towable Recreational Vehicles - S.B. 343

by Senator Harris

House Sponsors: Representatives Brimer and Hirschi

§ Establishes speed limits of towable recreational vehicles for certain areas.

§ Distinguishes a "towable recreational vehicle" from a "house recreational vehicle" in the Transportation Code.


Texas Department of Transportation/Sunset - S.B. 370

by Senator Armbrister, et al.

House Sponsor: Representative Bosse, et al.

§ Continues the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) for a 12-year period, consolidates the functions of the Texas Turnpike Authority within TxDOT as a separate independent division, provides for the creation of a regional turnpike authority, and makes various statutory modifications recommended by the Sunset Advisory Commission.


Studying the Effects of Increased Truck Traffic - S.B. 566

by Senator Truan, et al.

House Sponsors: Representatives Chavez and Hunter

§ Requires TxDOT to study the origin and destination of goods transported over highways in this state, paying particular attention to the increase in commercial traffic resulting from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

§ Requires TxDOT to identify highways that need to be designated for construction, expansion, and maintenance because of the increase in international trade.


Commuter Rail Districts Between Cities - S.B. 657

by Senator Barrientos, et al.

House Sponsor: Representative Siebert

§ Establishes guidelines for the development and regulation of intermunicipal commuter rail districts to provide commuter rail services between cities that are located no farther than 100 miles apart.


Designation of Highway Truck Lanes - S.B. 773

by Senator Lindsay

House Sponsor: Representative Mowery

§ Authorizes a municipality to restrict truck traffic to designated lanes on certain highways.


Funding for Passenger Rail - S.B. 1706

by Senator Ratliff

House Sponsor: Representative Junell

§ Enables TxDOT to enter into a loan agreement with the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) to support the continuation of the Texas Eagle.

§ Authorizes TxDOT to seek a guarantee from municipalities served by the Texas Eagle for the repayment of half of any unpaid balance on a loan, including interest, made under this bill.


Police Use of Ports-of-Entry - S.B. 1828

by Senator Shapleigh

House Sponsor: Representative Pickett

§ Provides Department of Public Safety officers and other certified peace officers statutory authority to use ports-of-entry into Texas from Mexico for the following purposes:

§ weighing and inspecting trucks coming into Texas from Mexico;

§ issuing permits for the movement of oversized and overweight vehicles carrying cargo on state, county, or municipal roads; and

§ detaining vehicles that have been determined to violate federal or state safety regulations.


Posting of "Skull & Cross Bones" Traffic Safety Signs - H.B. 17

by Representative Chisum

Senate Sponsor: Senator Bivins

§ Authorizes TxDOT to implement a traffic program that includes posting signs along the roadside at the 500 sites with the highest number of traffic fatalities.

§ Authorizes the signs to contain the number of fatalities that occurred at that location in the last 10 years, the importance of driving safely and wearing seat belts, the importance of not drinking and driving, and any other information TxDOT determines is necessary to promote public safety.


Heavy Equipment on State Highways - H.B. 1345

by Representative Uher

Senate Sponsor: Senator Armbrister

§ Authorizes TxDOT to issue an annual permit, with a fee, to allow the operation on a state highway of equipment that exceeds weight and size limits provided by law for the movement of water well drilling machinery and agricultural equipment.


Registration of Freight Forwarders - H.B. 1487

by Representative Cuellar

Senate Sponsor: Senator Truan

§ Requires freight forwarders (entities that consolidate cargo and buy space on trucks and aircraft) to register with the Commissioner of Licensing and Regulation.


Texas Motor Vehicle Board - H.B. 1595

by Representative Alexander

Senate Sponsor: Senator Cain

§ Replaces the Texas Motor Vehicle Commission with the Texas Motor Vehicle Board as an independent regulatory entity within the Texas Department of Transportation, and provides additional regulations regarding motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers.


Motor Vehicle Reflective Devices - H.B. 2138

by Representative Hawley

Senate Sponsor: Senator Cain

§ Requires vehicle lighting, reflective devices, and associated equipment to comply with federal standards either as they currently exist or as they existed at the time the vehicle was manufactured.


Creation of a Rural Rail Transportation District by One County - H.B. 2462

by Representative Pitts

Senate Sponsor: Senator Nelson

§ Authorizes a commissioners court of a county that meets certain requirements to create a rural rail transportation district for the purposes of developing, financing, maintaining, and operating a new rail system.

§ Sets forth provisions regarding the boundaries of such a district as well as designation of a district name, appointment to the board of directors of a district, and dissolution of a district.