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Texas Memorial Stadium - S.B. 438

by Senator Armbrister

House Sponsor: Representative Uher

§ Exempts the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium from statutes protecting the view of the Texas State Capitol through site corridors.


State Cemetery - S.B. 973

by Senator Barrientos

House Sponsor: Representative Hunter

§ Creates a State Cemetery Committee to oversee the cemetery and determine which Texans are to be interred in the state cemetery. In addition, the bill transfers 50 acres to serve as a cemetery annex and allows the State Cemetery Committee to acquire land to expand the original site.


Exempting State-Owned Real Property from Forced Sale - H.B. 833

by Representative Junell

Senate Sponsor: Senator Brown

§ Exempts all real property of the state and political subdivisions of the state from attachment, execution, and forced sale.

§ Bars a judgment lien or abstract of judgment from being filed or perfected against real property of the state or a political subdivision of the state, and provides such lien or abstract is void and unenforceable.


State History Museum - H.B. 1107

by Representative Telford

Senate Sponsor: Senator Moncrief

§ Allows the State Preservation Board to construct a state history museum to be located within the Capitol Complex.


Texas Emancipation Juneteenth Cultural and Historical Commission - H.B. 1216

by Representative Edwards, et al.

Senate Sponsor: Senator Patterson

§ Establishes the Texas Emancipation Juneteenth Cultural and Historical Commission (commission) to coordinate state and local activities related to the cultural and historical celebration of Juneteenth, and to establish a Juneteenth memorial monument.

§ Provides that unless continued in existence as provided by the Texas Sunset Act, the commission is abolished and will expire September 1, 2001.

§ Outlines provisions governing board membership and commission procedures.


Acquisition of Real Property as an Alternative to Leasing Space - H.B. 3368

by Representative Junell

Senate Sponsor: Senator Shapiro

§ Allows the General Services Commission (GSC) to meet space needs of state agencies by constructing buildings, as well as purchasing buildings.

§ Requires GSC to determine that constructing or purchasing a building to meet space is cost-effective in comparison to leasing space.