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Municipal Workers' Payroll Deductions - S.B. 823

by Senator Cain

House Sponsor: Representative Naishtat

§ Requires cities with a population of more than 50,000 to make certain deductions from the wages or salary of an employee for membership dues to a bona fide employees' association, under certain conditions, and if requested by an employee to do so.


Intergovernmental Relations - S.B. 937

by Senator Harris, et al.

House Sponsor: Representative Goodman

§ Creates the Texas Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (commission).

§ Requires the commission to provide a forum for discussion of intergovernmental issues, conduct research, collect information, and publish research reports.


Municipal Utility Districts - S.B. 1137

by Senator Wentworth

House Sponsors: Representatives Hilderbran and Krusee

§ Provides the option for a board of directors of a municipal utility district that is located in the extraterritorial jurisdictions of more than one municipality to select the municipality that may exercise authority within the district.


Indirect Costs for Highway Projects - S.B. 1661

by Senator Shapiro

House Sponsor: Representative Bosse

§ Authorizes the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to waive the payment of indirect costs associated with a TxDOT agreement with another state agency or a local government entity related to a transportation project.


Property Foreclosures - H.B. 110

by Representative Giddings, et al.

Senate Sponsor: Senator West

§ Allows a governing body of a municipality to provide for the manner in which land acquired following the foreclosure of a tax lien, may be sold if the land is sold to:

§ a nonprofit organization that develops housing for certain low income individuals and families; or

§ certain nonprofit corporations which are involved in the development of affordable housing.


County Speed Limits - H.B. 130

by Representative Pitts

Senate Sponsor: Senator Cain

§ Authorizes a commissioners court of a county to lower the speed limit of a road, if the commissioners court determines that the speed limit is unreasonable or unsafe.


Metropolitan Transit Authority Board Members - H.B. 883

by Representative Krusee

Senate Sponsor: Senator Barrientos

§ Outlines provisions regarding the composition of the board of directors of certain metropolitan transit authorities.

§ Applies only to the board of an authority in which each member of the governing body of the principal municipality is elected at large.

§ Abolishes the current board on the effective date of this Act, and establishes a temporary board.


Restrictions on Vehicle Registration - H.B. 1532

by Representative Woolley

Senate Sponsor: Senator Whitmire

§ Allows a county assessor-collector or TxDOT to refuse to register a motor vehicle upon receiving information that the owner owes the county a past due fine, fee, or tax.


Reclassification of Emergency Medical Organizations - H.B. 2213

by Representative Delisi

Senate Sponsor: Senator Armbrister

§ Prohibits local governing and law enforcement entities from adopting policies that may result in weaker laws regarding illegal drugs.


Referendum Authority for Capital Metro - H.B. 2445

by Representative Greenberg, et al.

Senate Sponsor: Senator Barrientos

§ Authorizes the Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority in Austin to hold a binding referendum on the question of whether to build a fixed rail system.

§ Prohibits the authority from issuing short-term debt or certain bonds, unless the fixed rail system is approved by referendum.


Audits of the Performance of a Metropolitan Transit Authority - H.B. 2446

by Representative Greenberg, et al.

Senate Sponsor: Senator Barrientos

§ Outlines provisions regarding performance audits of certain metropolitan transit authorities.

§ Applies only to a transit authority that was confirmed before July 1, 1985, and does not contain a municipality of more than 750,000.


Wages for Language Skills of Firefighters and Police Officers - H.B. 2750

by Representative Hinojosa

Senate Sponsor: Senator Lucio

§ Authorizes additional compensatory wages for the use and fluency of an additional language skill other than English for certain municipal firefighters and police officers.

§ Removes the provision which limited the foreclosure sales to governing bodies of municipalities with a population of 1.5 million or more.

§ Allows a taxing unit to recover its costs of upkeep, maintenance, and environmental cleanup, without further court order, from the resale proceeds on property located in the taxing unit.


Meeting About County Advisory Board Member Appointment - H.B. 3448

by Representatives Jesse Jones and Denny

Senate Sponsor: Senator Carona

§ Allows a commissioners court to debate the appointment of members to an advisory board in closed session.


Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County - H.B. 3540

by Representative Price

Senate Sponsor: Senator Galloway

§ Provides that the commissioners of the Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County (district) serve staggered four-year terms with the terms of three commissioners expiring every two years, rather than serving staggered six-year terms with the terms of two commissioners expiring every two years.

§ Requires one commissioner to be elected from each of the four wards by the qualified voters of that ward, and requires two commissioners to be elected at large by the qualified voters of the district.

§ Removes the provision regarding the election of commissioners by the voters of the district-at-large.


Qualifications of Constables - H.J.R. 83and H.B. 2071

by Representative Gutierrez

Senate Sponsor: Senator Lucio

§ Proposes a constitutional amendment to authorize the legislature, by general law, to prescribe the qualifications of constables. Ballot Date: November 4, 1997.