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Jane Nelson

District 12
Occupation: Businesswoman
Lewisville, Texas

      Senator Jane Nelson was a public school teacher before she was elected to the Texas Senate. She taught the 6th grade. Now she is one of 4 women who serve in the Texas Senate. She and her husband, Mike, are the parents of five children: Brian, Elizabeth, Christina, Michelle, and Jennifer. Senator Nelson and her husband have a company in Denton that makes part of the wings for small airplanes. When she is not working in Austin, Senator Nelson's favorite thing to do is spend time with her family, but she also likes to go fishing, travel and read books in her spare time. Senator Nelson's hero in life is her mother, who survived the Great Depression and World War II and still managed to build a strong 61-year marriage and succeed in the toughest job in the world: raising children and teaching them how to be solid citizens and to make their own way in the world. Her message to all of you students: "Education is more precious than gold. It never loses its value. And no one can ever take it away from you!!"

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