From the Office of State Senator Dan Patrick

November 8, 2010
Contact: Logan Spence (512) 463-0107


AUSTIN, TEXAS-- On the first day of bill filing, Senator Dan Patrick unveiled his conservative agenda.

Leading his agenda is Senate Bill 130. This bill guarantees the right of a woman to see and hear the developmental status of her unborn child before receiving an abortion. Although Senator Patrick has passed the sonogram bill through the Senate two sessions in a row, it has died in the House each time. "This critical bill can no longer languish in the legislature," said Patrick. "Women have the right to be fully informed about their unborn child and this bill guarantees it." Senate Bill 130 is a top priority of the pro-life community.

Senator Patrick has also filed legislation on immigration. "Immigration is the number one concern of my constituents and most voters across the state," said Patrick. Senate Bill 124 will prohibit cities from adopting sanctuary policies. "Cooperating with federal immigration authorities is the least we can expect of our local governments," said Patrick. "This bill will prohibit cities from enabling illegal immigration and allow voters to hold cities accountable."

His second immigration bill, Senate Bill 126, requires local law enforcement to ask lawfully stopped individuals whether they are lawfully present in the state. If the person is not legally present in Texas and is arrested, local law enforcement must report the person to federal immigration officials. "Giving local law enforcement officers the discretion to arrest and report individuals who are here illegally is a critical defense against the growing illegal immigration problem," stated Senator Patrick.

Senator Patrick also filed a charter school reform bill. Senate Bill 127 raises the current limit on the number of charter schools, authorizes the expansion of successful charters, and encourages charters for special needs students. "Charter schools are meeting a critical need in Texas," said Dan Patrick. "SB 127 will encourage the growth of good charters while increasing the accountability of poor performing charters."

Finally, Senator Patrick will seek to continue the small business exemption to the state franchise tax that he passed last session. Senate Bill 125 protects small businesses from increased taxes by making the small business exemption permanent. "Raising taxes on small businesses is the worst thing that the Texas Legislature can do right now," said Patrick. "Failing to reenact this exemption will harm the economic engine of our state."