from the Office of State Senator Craig Estes, District 30

For Immediate Release
February 14, 2007
Contact: Jody Withers
(512) 463-0130

Estes reappointed Vice Chairman of Rural Caucus

AUSTIN - State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) was reappointed vice-chairman of the Rural Caucus for the 80th Legislature.

The appointment was announced at today's Legislative Rural Caucus meeting by the organization's chairman, State Representative Bobby Cook (D-Eagle Lake).

"It has been my honor to serve in this leadership role, and I look forward to continuing my service as an opportunity for me promote issues important to our rural communities in our region and across the state," said Estes.

The Legislative Rural Caucus is a bi-partisan organization comprised of members from both the Senate and the House, to serve as an informational resource for all the members of the Texas Legislature. During Session, the caucus will hold weekly meetings on various topics with particular attention to the impact on rural Texas. Work sessions also are held to help educate legislators on topics ranging from school finance and budget issues to transportation, insurance, economic development, water, and health care.

"The Rural Caucus not only provides a forum for rural members to address important rural issues, but gives us an opportunity to help educate our urban colleagues on our rural needs and how rural Texas makes life better for all Texans," added Estes.

Senator Estes noted that as the state's population becomes more urbanized, it grows increasingly important for rural lawmakers to work together in promoting their interests.

In addition to serving as vice chairman of the Rural Caucus, Senator Estes also serves as chairman of the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs, and Coastal Resources, and as vice chairman of the Natural Resources Committee.

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