Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005
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Senate Approves State Budget

Austin, Texas--Today the Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 1, the Senate's version of the State's Budget Bill. The budget now goes to the House and ultimately will be finalized by the Conference Committee on the Appropriations Bill.

Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., commented today on the Senate's version of the budget:

"Compared to the budget that the state adopted two years ago, this budget is a step in the right direction. Is it the finalized version of our State Appropriations? Definitely no. Is there room for improvement? Definitely yes," said Sen. Lucio.

"Much is left to be seen regarding what happens in the Conference Committee on the Appropriations Bill. Today's vote was a vote cast with the understanding that many of the items that have not been completely addressed will be resolved by the Conference Committee," added Sen. Lucio.

Selected Highlights of Senate Bill 1 (as reported in material provided by the Finance Committee):

Under Article II -- Health and Human Services Agencies:

Article III -- Higher Education Agencies: