From the Office of State Senator Leticia Van de Putte

For Immediate Release
January 26, 2011
Contact: Sarah Gomez, 512-463-0126

Statement from Senator Van de Putte Regarding the Suspension of the 24 Hour Layout Requirement

"The Senate Democrats, including those who represent districts in which minority voters are electing candidates of their choice, and who also speak on behalf of the minority voters in the state, have made clear their unanimous opposition to voter ID legislation. That opposition remains.

No matter the specific time of passage of this bill, the outcome is inevitable, and our opposition remains firm. In the interest of continuing debate on the legislation during appropriate hours, however, and to avoid late-night debate which the public would find more difficult to observe, we will not oppose a vote to suspend the 24-hour lay-out requirement.

Debate on this legislation was in a committee-of-the-whole consisting of all 31 members of the Senate. Thus we see little compelling need for such a lay-out requirement, which typically exists to give those senators not on the relevant committee opportunity to review legislation. All 31 Senators have had ample opportunity to review the bill, which is the purpose of having a lay-out requirement."