State Senator Leticia Van De Putte, District 26

Personal Essay
October 1, 2002
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9-11 Personal Essay Featured in San Antonio Express News Sunday Special Edition

As a mom, I am used to the tough questions asked by little ones. "Mommy, why is the moon still up when the sun comes up? Mommy, where is my spirit? Mommy why aren't eyes square like windows to see out of? But in the aftermath of September 11th , I was not prepared for "Mommy, why do they hate us?"

Explaining to our children that "they" don't hate us, that they hate how we live, was more difficult then I ever imagined. Explaining to our children that the people who caused all the hurt that day hate that we live in a country where we can say anything, even about our government, re-affirmed my trust in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Explaining to our children that those people hate that both little girls and little boys can go to school made me realize the preciousness and vitality of our public education system. But most of all explaining to our children that those people don't hate us individually or even our family made me realize that Pete and I can't protect our children alone... that we depend on the goodness, skill, ability and common sense of men and women in uniform everyday, 24-7.

So to the six Van de Putte children your Daddy and I vow to protect you with the most powerful weapons we have... our love, our faith in each other, and our trust in God.