From the Office of State Senator Troy Fraser

For Immediate Release
June 29, 2006
Contact: Daniel Womack
(512) 463-0124


Austin -- State Senator Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) has been named the top Legislator in the nation by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the association for state legislators. The award comes as a result of Fraser's landmark legislation passed in the areas of telecommunications, electricity deregulation, developing renewable energy and helping solve the mold crisis in the Texas insurance industry.

"Being named ALEC's Legislator of the Year is one of the most prestigious honors I have received in my legislative career," Fraser said. "As a state senator, my goal is to do my best for not only my constituents but also the State of Texas. To have those efforts acknowledged nationally by other legislators is gratifying."

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the nation's largest nonpartisan, individual membership organization of state legislators, with over 2,400 legislator members from all fifty states, and 97 former members serving in the U.S. Congress.

Throughout his legislative career, Senator Fraser has been a champion of free enterprise, limited government and creating competitive forces to benefit all consumers. In 2005, Fraser authored a telecommunications bill, Senate Bill 5, which has been recognized across the country as model legislation. It allows new competitors into the video and cable business and offers more Texans the ability to receive high speed Internet over their existing electric lines.

"For years, the cable industry has faced little or no competition. This bill creates more choices and lower prices for consumers, as well as generates thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of investment in Texas," Fraser said.

Fraser also passed Senate Bill 20 which makes Texas the second-highest wind generation state in the country. "This legislation moves Texas to the forefront in the nation for renewable standards," Fraser said. "As energy costs continue to rise, it is important to pass legislation that creates more jobs, promotes stability from fluctuating electricity prices, and helps Texas become more energy independent."

In 2003, Fraser passed legislation which helps homebuyers settle a dispute with a builder without having to go to court or file a lawsuit. He also authored a comprehensive set of bills addressing the Texas' mold crisis. "Before these laws took effect, 95 percent of the insurance market in Texas was completely unregulated and companies were free to charge unreasonable fees for their insurance coverage," Fraser said. "Now, they have to show that the price is fair to consumers."

Senator Fraser has long been recognized for his outstanding leadership and received numerous awards in the past. In 1991, he was named the National Republican Legislator of the Year by the National Republican Legislators Association and in 2003 he was honored as the State Legislator of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders. He was also recognized by Texans for Lawsuit Reform for his contributions to civil justice reform in Texas during 2003.

In 2004, Senator Fraser was honored by the Association of the United States Army for his exceptional service in support of national defense. He has been honored by the Texas State Chamber of Commerce for his work as co-sponsor of the 1989 workers' compensation reform legislation. He was also named a "Top Ten" conservative legislator by a coalition representing more than 300,000 conservative activists.

Senator Fraser was elected in 1996 to serve Senate District 24 after serving in the Texas House of Representatives from 1987 to 1992. Since his election, Fraser has been consistently ranked by leading organizations, including Texas Association of Business and the Young Conservatives of Texas, as one of the most conservative members of the Texas Senate for his voting record.

Senator Fraser serves the people of Senate District 24, a 21-county region in the geographic center of the state. He is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce and sits on the State Affairs, Natural Resources, and International Relations & Trade Committees.

Born August 10, 1949, in Abilene, Texas, Fraser attended Angelo State and the University of Texas at Arlington. He has been married to his wife, the former Linda Cochran, for 37 years. They have three children and one granddaughter.