Senator West's 2011 Press Releases

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Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 7, 2011
Citizens can also practice free speech at the next DMV board meeting

Icon: Press ReleaseOctober 31, 2011
OP-ED: Long held fee could be headed to aid victims of sexual assault

Icon: Press ReleaseOctober 12, 2011
OP-ED: Election time - It's sooner than you think

Icon: Press ReleaseOctober 5, 2011
OP-ED: Just what is it about racist sentiment that's so hard to understand?

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 11, 2011
OP-ED: Texas' economic forecast calls for rain

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 28, 2011
The ink is all but dry on Texas Voter ID law

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 25, 2011
OP-ED: Personal benefits should prevail over healthcare reform banter

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 6, 2011
OP-ED: There is an option for those who completed deferred adjudication