List of 20 Bills Pre-Filed by Senator Judith Zaffirini

Child Protective Services / Foster Care Reform:

SB 22. Foster Care Reform - Implement multiple recommendations from the Comptroller's Forgotten Children Report to improve foster care services.

Early Childhood Education:

SB 23. Expansion of SB 76 - Increase the number of sites participating in the Texas Early Education Model (TEEM) to provide additional opportunities for the coordination and integration of child care services in local communities.

Organ Donation:

SB 24. Organ Donor Registry - Establish an official Texas organ donor registry and an accompanying awareness program, both of which would be operated by "The Living Bank International," a non-profit which has been the unofficial Texas organ donor registry for 36 years.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Reforms:

SB 25. DWI Checkpoints - Authorizes law enforcement agencies to establish a checkpoint to determine whether persons are driving while intoxicated.

SB 26. Enhanced penalties for high BAC - Raises the penalties for high BAC levels.

SB 27. Late BAC tests - Establishes a presumption that at the time of operating a motor vehicle, the person had an alcohol concentration level equal to or higher than the level taken, and the test can be taken no later than three hours after the arrest.

SB 28. Clean-up language on enhancements - Adds the provision from Senator Zaffirini's DWI with a child legislation (SB 45, 2003) to the list of intoxication offenses that are considered enhancements when adjudging a second DWI.

Child Nutrition and Fitness:

SB 29. Obesity Prevention - Using existing forms, the bill requires schools to report minimum physical activity minutes in a week, vending machine and food service guidelines, and tobacco free campus policies to TEA.

Higher Education:

SB 30. Graduate on Time (GOT) - Authorize the implementation of a program similar to Texas Tech's Graduate On Time (GOT) program.

SB 31. Streamlining financial aid - Amend student financial aid programs to reflect the requirements of BOT.

SB 32. Flat tuition flexibility - Authorize institutions to charge Flat Tuition and Special Summer Tuition.

SB 33. Graduate Fellowships - Provide fellowships to students who are graduated timely that can be used for further graduate studies.

SB 34. Tuition Rebate Program - Changes the Tuition Rebate Program to reflect timely graduation requirements.

SB 35. Uniform degree programs - Directs THECB to study the feasibility of requiring uniform degree program requirements.

Sexual Assault:

SB 36. Victim's Statement - Requires a judge to allow a sexual assault victim or the victim's designee to orally address the court prior to the imposition of a sentence.

SB 37. Rights of sexual assault victims - Grant sexual assault victims the right to a forensic medical examination if the victim reports the assault to a law enforcement agency within 96 hours of its occurrence.

SB 38. Collection of Information - Require law enforcement agencies to report certain information about certain sexual offenses to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) so that the department can perform a statistical breakdown of offenses.

SB 39. Forensic evidence training - Requires medical and nursing degree programs to provide students with training on collecting forensic evidence.

Health and Human Services:

SB 40. Permanency Planning - Requires agencies to separate the responsibility and authority for permanency planning for children with disabilities from the institution in which they reside. The current practice of having the institutional facility staff perform permanency planning responsibilities presents an inherent conflict of interest that is detrimental to the child.


SB 41. Parent participation - Provides an employee with the right to time off from work to participate in certain activities of the employee's child.