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May 26, 2005
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Lake Bois d'Arc Bill Pulled from Consideration
- Deuell, Phillips remove bill from last Senate Calendar -

AUSTIN - A bill that would have designated an area in Fannin County as a unique site for the creation of the Lower Bois d'Arc reservoir will not pass during the 79th Legislative Session. House Bill 2679, authored by Representative Larry Phillips (R-Sherman) and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Bob Deuell (R-Greenville), was pulled from the last Senate calendar and therefore cannot become law.

Phillips and Deuell said they agreed to pull the bill down after speaking with Fannin County Judge Darrell Hall.

"I encourage citizens on both sides of the issue to continue to communicate with their local officials on the possible creation of the reservoir," stated Phillips. "This legislation did not call for the creation of the lake, nor does its failure to pass hinder the decision of whether or not to built it, so it will be important to keep the lines of communication open."

"There was a significant amount of support from Fannin county residents, and also some opposition," Deuell said. "But after conferring with Judge Hall and Rep. Phillips, we decided not to bring the bill up in the Senate."

Deuell said there was no reason to rush the legislation through this session, as the proposed lake project would not be started for several more years.

"Even though we agreed to pull the bill down, this is not the end of the world for those who favor the lake project," Deuell said. "It is still a part of the State Water Plan and the Region C Water Plan, and it is still very possible that the lake will be created in the future."

"But I think it is only fair for those landowners and stakeholders who would be affected by this to have time to have all their questions answered," Deuell said. "And that is why we did not pursue the legislation any further."