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DATE: February 5, 2004
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Deuell Named "Fighter for Free Enterprise"

Texas Association of Business Honors Deuell for Work During Session

AUSTIN -- On Thursday, State Senator Bob Deuell (R-Greenville) was given the "Fighter for Free Enterprise Award" by the Texas Association of Business (TAB) for his voting record during the 78th Legislative Session.

Deuell, currently serving his first term in the Texas Senate, said he is proud to receive the award.

"I am honored be given this award by the TAB," Deuell said. "I want to ensure that every Texan has the opportunity to get a good job and achieve economic prosperity."

"TAB represents companies ranging from large corporations to small businesses in nearly every community of our state," Deuell said. "They are committed to improving the Texas business climate and to help make our state's economy a role model for other states. I am proud to be recognized by this fine organization."

TAB recently released their 78th Legislative Session scorecard which ranked members of the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives.

The scorecard grades lawmakers from 0 to 100 based on a series of votes effecting the business climate during this year's legislative session. The average score in the Senate was 64, and 55 in the House.

Legislators with a score of 80 or better are recognized as "Fighters For Free Enterprise."

TAB's scorecard rated 31 Senators based on 10 votes and rated 149 House members on 16 votes. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Tom Craddick were not rated because they rarely vote due to their leadership positions.

TAB's tally sheet is based on each legislator's votes on key business issues such as: tort reform, health care, taxation and education. It includes votes on final passage of legislation, as well as votes on amendments and/or procedural motions since they are sometimes more critical.

"As a watchdog for the businesspeople of Texas, TAB believes that the Legislature must be accountable for its actions. By tallying votes effecting the business climate and then publishing that record, we believe that employers will have an accurate measure of the effectiveness of their legislators," TAB President Bill Hammond said.

"Our Fighters for Free Enterprise are pro-business lawmakers committed to improving the economic prosperity of all Texans and who deserve special recognition," Hammond said.


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