News Release from the office of Senator Carlos Uresti

December 20, 2008
CONTACT: Kevin McDonald, (830) 589-2871

Carlos Uresti Honored with "Champion for Children" Award

MEDINA - Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti, D-San Antonio, received the distinguished "Champion for Children" Award today from the Texas Coalition of Homes for Children.

"Carlos Uresti is well-known for a positive vision for public policy that promotes safe and healthy children," said Kevin McDonald, chief executive officer of Medina Children's Home. "Senator Uresti's passion and commitment - especially for those most in need - makes him a very worthy recipient of a new title: Champion for Children."

Senator Uresti has authored and sponsored major legislation that benefits children, such as landmark reforms to the state's Child Protective Services, a ban on clinical medical trials involving foster children or children in the juvenile justice system, and a statewide establishment of the Nurse-Family Partnership program for child abuse prevention.

"Our collective priorities center on the good health, safety, and well-being of our precious children. While I very much appreciate this award, I am encouraged by the efforts of organizations such as the Texas Coalition of Homes for Children and their dedication to making a good, positive difference in the lives of children," Senator Uresti said.

Texas Coalition of Homes for Children is a statewide coalition of group homes that strives to improve the education and living conditions of at-risk children. Its mission is to provide a haven of hope for children and families in crisis through residential programs for children and single-mother families, as well as community-based outreach and prevention programs.

Senator Uresti represents District 19, a 23 county area stretching along the U.S.-Mexico border. Covering 55,000 square miles, serving over 700,000 people, the district contains 62 school districts, and spans two time zones. As the largest geographical senate district in the contiguous 48 states, Senate District 19 is larger than 24 states and 25 countries.