News Release from the office of Senator Carlos Uresti

October 20, 2008
CONTACT: Rachel Johnston, (512) 463-0119

Hot Meals Soothe the Body and the Soul

A nutritious, wholesome and balanced diet is the key to good health with increasing importance for the elderly. Unfortunately, many seniors do not have the mobility to go grocery shopping and may need assistance with meal preparation.

In Texas, home-delivered meal agencies provide daily meals for more than 100,000 homebound seniors and special needs individuals. Texas seniors age 60 and older are expected to number about 8.1 million by 2040, a 193 percent increase from 2000! As our seniors age, the need for services from home-delivered meal providers will dramatically increase.

It is my goal to make sure frail, elderly, disabled and critically ill seniors remain in the security of their own homes and out of expensive long-term care as long as possible. I have spent my career speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, and it is our responsibility to look after those who looked after us. These meal programs provide more than just hot nutritious meals to seniors; they also help decrease depression that may be experienced by seniors that are isolated because of health in their homes.

Texas Department of Agriculture announced that grant funds totaling $10 million are available from the Texans Feeding Texans: Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program. Nonprofits and entities that provide home-delivered meals are encouraged to apply. All applications must be postmarked by November 1, 2008.

Organizations must be nonprofits or governmental agencies that provided home-delivered meals in the past year and have received a grant of 25 cents or less per senior resident from the county in which they deliver meals. The monies will be distributed by February 1, 2009. All qualified meal providers that apply will receive funds to supplement and expand home-delivered meal services. For more information about the grant program, For more information call Betsy Levy at (512) 463-6908 or e-mail

Carlos I. Uresti is the State Senator of District 19, the largest geographical senate district in the contiguous 48 states. Senate District 19 spans a 23 county area stretching along the U.S.-Mexico border, from San Antonio to El Paso County. Covering 55,000 square miles, the district contains 62 school districts, spans two time zones, and is larger than 24 states and 25 countries.