From the Office of State Senator John Carona


The Texas Constitution provides that the Legislature, by a 2/3 vote of all members of each house, may propose amendments revising the constitution and that proposed amendments must then be submitted for approval to the qualified voters of the state.

A proposed amendment becomes a part of the constitution if a majority of the votes cast in an election on the proposition are cast in its favor.

An amendment approved by voters is effective on the date of the official canvass of returns showing adoption unless the amendment provides for a later effective date. The canvass will occur this year on November 29.

Since adoption in 1876 and through September 1999, the state's constitution had been amended 377 times, from a total of 550 amendments, 547 of which were submitted to the voters for their approval.

With passage of 13 of the amendments on the November 2, 1999 ballot, the state's constitution has now been amended 390 times, from a total of 567 amendments passed by the Legislature.

Results of November 2, 1999 Constitutional Amendment Election

Proposition Description Election Results Statewide % Dallas County %
1 Specifying succession for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor Passed For: 74.1

Agst: 25.9
For: 77.3

Agst: 22.7
2 Revising provisions authorizing reverse mortgages Passed For: 64.2

Agst: 35.8
For: 69.9

Agst: 30.1
3 Eliminating duplicative and obsolete provisions from the Constitution Passed For: 76.7

Agst: 23.3
For: 75.9

Agst: 24.1
4 Defining charitable organizations and uses exempt from property taxes Passed* For: 51.9

Agst: 48.1
For: 44.2

Agst: 55.8
5 Allowing state employees to be paid for service on local government boards Failed For: 45.4

Agst: 54.6
For: 38.7

Agst: 61.3
6 Increasing the maximum size of an urban homestead to 10 acres Passed For: 67.5

Agst: 32.5
For: 65.5

Agst: 34.5
7 Authorizing the garnishment of wages for spousal maintenance Passed For: 67.5

Agst: 32.5
For: 65.7

Agst: 34.3
8 Providing that the Adjutant General serves at the pleasure of the Governor Failed* For: 47.4

Agst: 52.6
For: 53.3

Agst: 46.7
9 Creating a Judicial Compensation Commission Failed* For: 41.0

Agst: 59.0
For: 51.4

Agst: 48.6
10 Providing that the Commissioner of Health and Human Services serves at the pleasure of the Governor Failed* For: 47.9

Agst: 52.1
For: 54.5

Agst: 45.5
11 Allowing political subdivisions to buy nonassessable property and casualty insurance Passed For: 62.3

Agst: 37.7
For: 63.1

Agst: 36.9
12 Exempting from ad valorem taxation motor vehicles leased for personal use Passed For: 57.2

Agst: 42.8
For: 61.8

Agst: 38.2
13 Authorizing $400 million in general obligation bonds for student loans Passed For: 71.1

Agst: 28.9
For: 69.7

Agst: 30.3
14 Allowing state boards to have an odd number of 3 or more members Passed For: 73.2

Agst: 26.8
For: 77.2

Agst: 22.8
15 Authorizing spouses to agree to convert separate property to community property Passed For: 67.4

Agst: 32.6
For: 66.5

Agst: 33.5
16 Changing county population limits for JP and constable precincts Passed For: 64.0

Agst: 36.0
For: 67.1

Agst: 32.9
17 Revising the investment and distribution of the Permanent University Fund Passed For: 61.2

Agst: 38.8
For: 62.9

Agst: 37.1

*Dallas County results different from statewide results