From the Office of State Senator John Carona

For Immediate Release
April 7, 2003
CONTACT: Paul Reyes, (512) 463-0116

Senator Carona to Give Legislative Update At Town Hall Meeting

Alarmed by the headlines? Curious about the political intrigue at the Capitol?

State Senator JOHN CARONA (R-Dallas) is hosting a Town Hall Meeting for residents of Senate District 16 to demystify the budget cut and school funding proposals and walk residents through the developments in homeowners insurance, medical malpractice insurance, and tort reform; among other hot-button topics.

"We are in a budget funk, that much is clear," stated Senator Carona. "Nothing revitalizes a democracy and energizes state leaders like engaging in a dialogue with the community about issues that hit close to everyone's home," he said, adding that the purpose of the Town Hall meeting will be to provide a forum for residents to inquire about pending legislation and state policy issues in their senator's hometown.

The Senator will provide his own weekend update, responding to questions written by participants on cards filled out at the registration table. In turn, guests will be treated to a continental breakfast during this early morning public event.

Senator Carona's Town Hall Meeting will be held in the Highland Park High School Cafeteria from 9:00-11:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 12. Highland Park High School is located in Highland Park at 4220 Emerson.