Senator Ellis Press Release

For Immediate Release
September 24, 2010
Contact: Tina Tran, 512-463-0113

Senator Ellis Responds to SBOE Approval of Anti-Islamic Resolution

Senator Ellis releases the following statement in response to the State Board of Education's approval of the anti-Islamic resolution.

"I am disappointed that, yet again, a majority of the board has chosen to put politics before the education of Texas' schoolchildren. The board's actions today represent another example of why our state would be best served by giving the authority to set curriculum standards and adopt textbooks to teachers and academic experts with the training and knowledge to make informed decisions. I look forward to pursuing legislation next session that will tone down the board's ability to recklessly undermine the education Texas students need to succeed in our modern economy."

Senator Ellis sent a letter to SBOE members yesterday urging the board not to bring up the resolution. The letter is attached.

 (PDF) ATTACHMENT: Letter to the State Board of Education's Members (PDF)