Senator Nelson's 1997 Press Releases

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Icon: press releaseNovember 17, 1997
Senator Nelson Named Most Conservative Senator

Icon: press releaseNovember 6, 1997
Finance Subcommittee to Meet Friday

Icon: press releaseNovember 6, 1997
Interim Committee Hearings Scheduled

Icon: press releaseAugust 22, 1997
Senator Nelson to Chair Subcommittee

Icon: press releaseAugust 15, 1997
Nelson Appointed to Prison Study Committee

Icon: press releaseAugust 13, 1997
Nelson Appointed to Electric De-Reg Committee

Icon: press releaseAugust 1, 1997
Senator Nelson Receives Patient Advocacy Award

Icon: press releaseMay 31, 1997
Nelson Passes Bills for Senate District 9

Icon: press releaseMay 31, 1997
Nelson Gives Wrap-up of 75th Legislature

Icon: press releaseMay 28, 1997
House Approves Nelson Development District Bill

Icon: press releaseMay 26, 1997
Dropout Age Bill Clears House

Icon: press releaseMay 20, 1997
Boat Safety Bill Passes Senate

Icon: press releaseMay 14, 1997
Senate Passes Lottery-to-Education Bill

Icon: press releaseApril 24, 1997
Senate Panel Passes Lottery-to-education Bill

Icon: press releaseApril 15, 1997
Lottery-to-education Bill Clears Subcommittee

Icon: press releaseApril 7, 1997
Senate Committee Approves Super Collider Bill

Icon: press releaseMarch 24, 1997
Lottery-to-education Bill Heard in Senate Committee

Icon: press releaseMarch 4, 1997
Nelson Renews Call to Abolish Parole, Put Sex Offenders Away for Life

Icon: press releaseFebruary 27, 1997
Hearing Held on Nelson I&T Proposal

Icon: press releaseFebruary 25, 1997
Committee Passes Managed Care Bills, Nelson Bills Include Ob/Gyn Direct Access and 48-hour Hospital Stay

Icon: press releaseFebruary 3, 1997
Senate Committee Passes Juvenile Drunk Driving Bill

Icon: press releaseJanuary 30, 1997
Nelson Says "Stop All Forms of Early Release for Violent Criminals"

Icon: press releaseJanuary 30, 1997
Managed Care Committee Unveils Bill Package

Icon: press releaseJanuary 16, 1997
Stalking Bill Passes Senate