Senator Nelson's 2005 Press Releases

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Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 22, 2005
Senator Nelson Puts Supreme Court Ruling in Perspective

Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 2, 2005
Senator Nelson Receives Award from Child Advocacy Group

Icon: Press ReleaseSeptember 26, 2005
Senator Nelson Receives United Way Award, Participates in Campaign to Prevent Child Abuse

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 25, 2005
Op-Ed Article: Protecting the American Dream

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 11, 2005
Texas Senate Approves School Finance Reform Package

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 6, 2005
Senator Nelson Co-Authors Limitations on Eminent Domain

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 28, 2005
Senator Nelson Files Lottery Truth-In-Advertising Bill

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 27, 2005
Summary of CS SB 2 of the 79th First Called Session - PDF [updated 6/27]

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 7, 2005
Senator Nelson Receives Heart of Honor Award

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 7, 2005
Senator Nelson Named MVP of 2005 Legislative Session

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 30, 2005
BILL STATUS REPORT: Legislature Adjourns After Passing Key Reforms - PDF

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 29, 2005
Protective Services Reform Plan Sent to Governor

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 19, 2005
Bill Sent to Governor Assists Military Families & Domestic Violence Victims

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 2, 2005
Summary of Proposed Senate Committee Substitutes for H.B. 3 and S.J.R 38 - PDF

Icon: Media BroadcastApril 25, 2005
Press Conference on SB 1874 - "Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Authority"

Icon: Press ReleaseApril 12, 2005
Student Health Initiative Advances in Texas Senate

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 22, 2005
Upper Trinity River Water District response (PDF 2.9mb)

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 15, 2005
Senator Nelson to Joint Author Workers Comp Reform

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 10, 2005
Legislation Aims to Help Military Families

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 4, 2005
Op-Ed Article: Let's Help Texas Students Shape Up For Good Health

Icon: Press ReleaseMarch 3, 2005
Protective Services Reform Bill Sent to Texas House

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 22, 2005
Protective Services Reform Bill Advances in Senate

Icon: Media BroadcastFebruary 2, 2005
Press Conference regarding Texas Council on Family Violence

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 1, 2005
Senator Nelson Offers Support to Eliminate 10 Percent Rule

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 31, 2005
Senator Nelson Sets Hearing for Protective Services Reform

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 27, 2005
Senator Nelson to Chair Health and Human Services Panel

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 14, 2005
Capitol Digest: An Update on Issues Facing Texas

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 13, 2005
Senator Nelson to Joint Author Workers Comp Reform

Icon: Media BroadcastJanuary 13, 2005
Press Conference on Workers' Compensation

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 9, 2005
Capitol Digest: An Update on Issues Facing Texas