Press Release From the Office of State Senator Wendy Davis

October 29, 2013
Contact: Sonya Grogg
Chief of Staff
State Sen. Wendy Davis – District 10

Sen. Davis Highlights Importance of Farmers and Ranchers to Texas Economy
Addressed Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board in Fort Worth Meeting

Fort Worth, TX - State Senator Wendy Davis today addressed the Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board district directors in Fort Worth. She discussed the role of farmers and ranchers to the Texas economy, rural communities, and the importance of improving water infrastructure to secure our state's economic future.

"For people who work hard every day to make an honest living, including our farmers and ranchers, we have to make sure that government is smarter, and that it's working for you, not against you," said Sen. Davis during her remarks.

"Texas is the greatest state in this country, capable of leading the nation in medical and research science, in technology, in oil and gas production, in education and in agriculture," added Davis. "Politicians in Austin didn't build our state up to what it is today, that role falls to the hardworking Texans I meet every day."

The test of true leadership in Austin must be whether that spirit of hard work and optimism can be unleashed to make Texas even better."