Senator Davis' 2011 Press Releases

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Icon: PDFDecember 21, 2011
TCEQ Joins Call by Senators Davis and Ellis to Protect Tens of Millions in School Funding From a Flawed Tax Exemption Request

Icon: PDFDecember 8, 2011
Senator Davis and Ellis Ask For AG Opinion on Tax Break Request That Could Cost Texas Schools Hundreds of Millions (Attached: Letter to Texas Attorney General by Senator Ellis and Senator Davis)

Icon: PDFNovember 21, 2011
Senator Davis Legislation Results in $4.1 Million in "Veteran's Cash" Grants Being Sent to Local Communities

Icon: PDFNovember 17, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Says Voting Rights Restored to Communities of Interest in Senate District 10 Through Interim Map by Court

Icon: PDFOctober 26, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Protests Liquor License Renewal for Business Linked to Death of Teens

Icon: PDFOctober 21, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Reminds North Texans that Early Voting Begins Monday to Cast Ballots on Constitutional Amendments

Icon: PDFOctober 21, 2011
Senator Davis' Guide to 2011 Texas Constitutional Amendments

Icon: PDFOctober 3, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Scrutinizes Requests That Would Require School Districts to Provide Millions in Tax Breaks

Icon: PDFAugust 1, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis And Representative Marc Veasey Announce New Permanent Air Monitor In Everman

Icon: PDFJune 27, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Says Legislature, Held Hostage By Extreme Special Interest Groups, Fails to Fully Fund Public Education

Icon: PDFMay 23, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis Passes Bill That Would Eliminate Thousands of Backlogged Rape Kits

Icon: PDFMay 23, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Says Payday Lending Bills Are A Step Backward for Texans Trapped By Predatory Lending Products

Icon: PDFMay 20, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Says Senate Bill 22 Permanently Cuts Public Education Funding So State Can Wash Its Hands Of Responsibility

Icon: PDFMay 16, 2011
Senate Passes Job Creation Measure By Sen. Wendy Davis That Also Protects Taxpayers

Icon: PDFMay 6, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis Passes Bill That Provides Protections to Elderly and Others Buying Annuities

Icon: PDFMay 5, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis Passes Bill That Would Eliminate Thousands of Backlogged Rape Kits

Icon: PDFMay 4, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis Votes Against $4 Billion Cuts to Education in Budget That Uses No Rainy Day $

Icon: PDFApril 28, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis Advances Two Barnett Shale Measures This Week to Protect Public

Icon: PDFApril 8, 2011
Town Hall Series, April 9

Icon: PDFApril 6, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Fights Against Diversions from "Veteran's Cash" Lottery Ticket Funds That Support Veteran Services in Texas

Icon: PDFMarch 29, 2011
Town Hall on Education Presentation

Icon: PDFMarch 25, 2011
Town Halls on Education

Icon: PDFMarch 21, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis to Advance a New Bill to Address Lending that Drains Family Pocketbooks

Icon: PDFMarch 11, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Announces "Texas Jobs First" Bill Aimed at Awarding Contracts to Texas Companies and Keeping Jobs Here

Icon: PDFFebruary 25, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Files Bills To Put More Money In The Pockets Of Hard-Working Texans

Icon: PDFFebruary 24, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis and A Bi-Partisan Group of Senators to Announce Agreement To Protect Teachers' Jobs

Icon: PDFFebruary 22, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis Advances Bi-Partisan Bill To Reduce Lending That Drains Family Pocketbooks

Icon: PDFFebruary 18, 2011
Sen. Wendy Davis' Bill Would Provide New Protections For Gas Drillers And Landowners

Icon: PDFFebruary 2, 2011
School Districts Say Bill By Senator Wendy Davis Will Save Taxpayer Dollars, Save Teachers' Jobs and Keep Focus on Quality

Icon: PDFJanuary 25, 2011
Expensive Bureaucratic Voter ID Bill Reduces Voter Participation Without Addressing Problem

Icon: PDFJanuary 19, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis Says LBB's Budget Proposal Will Impact Nearly Every Texan and Hurt State's Ability To Compete For Jobs

Icon: PDFJanuary 14, 2011
Senator Davis Joins Senate Colleagues in Filing Bill to Extend Property Tax Exemption to Veterans' Surviving Spouses

Icon: PDFJanuary 10, 2011
Senator Wendy Davis: Budget Focus Should Be On Job Creation, Protecting Education Funding and State's Most Vulnerable