Senator Nichols' 2012 Press Releases

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Icon: Press ReleaseDecember 13, 2012
My five cents...

Icon: Press ReleaseDecember 5, 2012
State officials tour New Danville

Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 29, 2012
Nichols chairs meeting on water rate regulation changes

Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 25, 2012
State Senator Robert Nichols invites you to an Electricity Town Hall & Annual Meeting with the Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel (OPUC)

Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 12, 2012
Nichols files bills to limit property tax increases, restrict eminent domain and reform welfare

Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 9, 2012
My five cents...

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 24, 2012
Nichols tours Orange County Airport

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 17, 2012
Healthcare decision will affect Texas

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 14, 2012
State offers resources for your Texas travels

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 10, 2012
Nichols answers common questions about Texas government

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 10, 2012
Nichols speaks at forest pest seminar

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 9, 2012
A time to remember Texas independence

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 3, 2012
Nichols congratulates Austin Bank

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 2, 2012
Nichols requests applications for Texas Armed Services Scholarship

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 1, 2012
Nichols named a fighter for free enterprise

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 25, 2012
Nichols meets with Henderson County Ag Leaders

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 6, 2012
Nichols named vice chair of Sunset