News Release from the office of Senator Carlos Uresti

February 4, 2009
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Senator Uresti Applauds his Committee Assignments

San Antonio, TX — Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst announced Senate Committee assignments on Friday, January 30th. Senator Uresti was named to the Administration; Natural Resources; Agriculture and Rural Affairs; and Health and Human Services Committee.

Senator Uresti stated, "I am pleased that Governor Dewhurst responded to my requests and allowed my assignments to so perfectly match my district's needs. It is an honor to be selected as Vice Chair not only for the newly formed Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee but to continue my Vice Chair duties on the Administration Committee."

The assignments reflect the opportunities and needs of Senator Uresti's expansion district. Senate District 19 is the largest in the country and has the largest border with Mexico. It is the leader in wind energy and has a long existing presence of oil and gas. According to Senator Uresti, " it is critical to my constituents that they have a voice on the Natural Resources Committee when it comes to setting water, energy and mineral resource policies in this state."

In addition, District 19 is also home to the state's vibrant farming and ranching industry. Senator Uresti applauded the wisdom to create the new full standing committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Senator Uresti stated that "the creation of this new committee is also a recognition that the state's rural areas face many challenges that are unique to them and must be confronted in a thoughtful and thorough manner."

Lastly, access to quality healthcare is one of the top priorities in District 19. Senator Uresti said, "I have been a champion for children's rights and my role on the Health and Human Services Committee will continue to allow me to fight for the health needs of my district and the welfare of the state's children and elderly."

Lastly, his selection as Vice Chair to Administration allows Senator Uresti to ensure many of the local bills that come to the legislature which may impact only small segments but have a large impact on their communities they affect. Last session, almost two-thirds of the bills passed by the Senate were approved by the Administration committee.

Senator Uresti represents Senate District 19, a 55,000 square mile area extending from the city of San Antonio in Bexar County to the Lower Valley of El Paso County. The largest legislative district in the nation, it spans two time zones, and contains nine of the 14 border counties in Texas, two-thirds of the U.S.-Mexico border within Texas, and all or part of 23 counties. Senate District 19 is home to five U.S. ports of entry, three U.S. toll bridges, 62 school districts, seven military sites, six state parks, and two national parks.