Press Release From the Office of State Senator Wendy Davis

August 23, 2013
Contact: Rick Svatora
Communications Director
State Sen. Wendy Davis – District 10

Statement by Sen. Davis Regarding Letter in Support of American Airlines Merger

I strongly disagree with President Barack Obama and his Administration's opposition to the proposed merger between American Airlines and US Airways, and I urge him to reconsider his position. I shared my disapproval with the Department of Justice's suit in a letter sent to the White House this week.

We can protect Texas jobs and ensure competition by retaining the viability of a major player in the industry. The merger is the last critical step to returning American Airlines to the commercial airline marketplace as a strong competitor.

Allowing the merger plan to proceed would help preserve nearly 60,000 jobs worldwide, including those of thousands of hardworking Texans.

Attachment: Letter to President Obama, PDF format