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Icon: Press ReleaseOctober 4, 2000
Health Services Committee Calls for Tougher Privacy Laws as Part of Interim Recommendations


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Interim Charges

The Committee shall:

1. Evaluate the changes in the Medicaid system since the beginning of Medicaid reform. The Committee shall assess reform efforts in light of the original goals for implementation of Medicaid managed care, as well as the impact of Medicaid managed care on patient outcomes, cost implications to the state, and the impact on traditional providers of indigent care. The Committee shall also specifically evaluate the ability of Medicaid managed care organizations and the state to manage chronic illnesses and develop specific strategies for disease management for certain populations.

2. Inventory and analyze the amount and type of research related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and genetics currently occurring in Texas to maximize the benefits to Texans in these fields. The Committee shall also examine the ethical implications associated with pharmaceuticals, genetic and biotechnology research.

3. Review the type, amount, availability, and use of patient-specific medical information, including prescription data, and current statutory and regulatory provisions governing its availability. The report shall explore if statutory and regulatory provisions are consistent and adequately enforced.

4. Study impacts of the degree of choice granted physicians to administer immunizations to children under the Vaccinations For Children (VFC) Program. The Committee shall focus on the health and fiscal implications to the public and private sectors of granting choices to physicians where more than one manufacturer produces the same vaccine at an equivalent price.

5. Assess the preparedness of the Texas health care workforce to meet the health care needs of Texans beyond the year 2000, including methods to retain Texas-trained medical personnel. The Committee shall evaluate the availability of health care providers in rural and urban areas. The Committee shall also review the oversight of medical procedures performed by medical residents and disclosure provided to patients prior to treatment.

6. Monitor the implementation of SB 445, 76th Legislature, Regular Session relating to the Children's Health Insurance Program.


The Committee shall submit copies of its final report as soon as possible, but no later than September 1, 2000. This date has been chosen so that the work of the Committee can be considered when the Legislative Budget Board is developing performance and budget recommendations to the 77th Legislature. Copies of the final report should be sent to the Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of the Senate, Legislative Council and Legislative Reference Library.

The final report of the Committee should be approved by a majority of the voting members of the Committee and include any recommended statutory changes. Draft legislation containing any recommended statutory changes should be attached to the report. Recommended agency rule changes should also be attached to the report.

Icon: Report The Interim Report(PDF format, 700kb)

Icon: Report The Interim Report Appendices:

  1. Counties with Reportable Employment in Selected Biotech Industries, 1998 (PDF 261kb)
  2. Counties with Reportable Wages in Selected Biotech Industries, 1998 (PDF 223kb)
  3. Enabling Practices for the Life Science Industry: State Matrix (PDF 938kb)
  4. States' Genetic Testing Legislation, 2000 (PDF 278kb)
  5. States' Genetic Testing Laws (PDF 894kb)
  6. Texas Health Related Privacy Statutes Part 1 (PDF 1.26mb),Part 2 (PDF 1.42mb)
  7. Letter from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (PDF 224kb)
  8. TDH Vaccine Distribution (PDF 171kb)
  9. Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule (PDF 153kb)
  10. Medically Underserved Areas Designations (PDF 785kb)
  11. Health Professional Shortage Area Designations (PDF 649kb)
  12. Texas Metro and Non-Metro County Designation (PDF 301kb)
  13. Additional IRM Results Not Included in Text of Report; Part 1 (957kb),Part 2 (1mb),Part 3 (1mb),Part 4(207kb)
  14. Occupational Outlook Survey of Health Care Professions (PDF 995kb)
  15. TIF Board Funding for Public Health (PDF 930kb)
  16. Approved State Plans (PDF 416kb)
  17. CHIP Cost Sharing Requirements (PDF 43kb)
  18. TEXCARE Partnership Eligibility & Enrollment Activity (PDF 290 kb)
  19. CHIP Enrollment in Selected States (PDF 50kb)

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