Committees of the 84th Legislature
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Senate members are appointed to committees by the Lieutenant Governor. The Lieutenant Governor also provides each committee with its charge.

You can link to each committee page below, where you will find committee membership, future schedules, video and/or audio files of previous public hearings and more.

You can also use the Texas Legislature Online's Committee Information page. Texas Legislature Online provides a database of searchable information about committee schedules, minutes, membership, process and other related material.

During scheduled Senate committee hearings within the Capitol complex visit the Senate Audio/Video Live Webcast page for a live streaming video broadcast. If a Senate Committee is holding a public hearing in the Capitol Complex, it will be webcast here.

84th Session Standing Committees

Key:   Schedule, Minutes, Witness List and Bills Referred to Committee = Schedule, Minutes, Witness List and Bills Referred to Committee

84th Session Select, Interim, and Joint Committees

Committee Archives