From the Office of State Senator Kel Seliger, District 31

June 29, 2012
Contact: Kirsten Nuckols, (512) 463-0131

Senator Seliger Comments on the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on the Federal Health Care Law

"I share the disappointment of many across District 31 in the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In upholding the individual mandate, the Supreme Court has removed the final barrier to the implementation of one of the largest tax increases in our nation's history, in a time when over 12 million Americans are without jobs.

The Court rightly rebuked the federal government's attempt to coerce the states into a massive expansion of their Medicaid program under the threat of losing all Medicaid funding, which if allowed, would cost the state of Texas an estimated $27 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

While the Act has been deemed constitutional, it remains a burdensome and overreaching set of mandates that will do nothing to curtail the rising cost of healthcare. Indeed, I believe it will increase the cost of healthcare for hard working, middle class Americans and small businesses. I will work tirelessly with my colleagues next session to mitigate the detrimental impact of the Act on Texas taxpayers and businesses, and to help shape policies that will produce real solutions."