from the Office of State Senator Craig Estes, District 30

For Immediate Release
March 1, 2007
Contact: Jody Withers
(512) 463-0130

State Senate votes to investigate Texas Youth Commission

AUSTIN - State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) voted in favor of a Senate resolution calling for an investigation and the appointment of a conservator for the Texas Youth Commission in response to a law enforcement investigation reporting sexual misconduct within the commission.

"I am outraged not only by these serious allegations of sexual abuse at the TYC, but also the commission's failure to notify state lawmakers or pursue vigorous criminal prosecutions," said Estes. "These reports of sexual misconduct between state employees and the youth under their authority are absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated by the Texas Senate."

On February 28, the Texas Senate convened in an emergency session to consider and pass Senate Resolution 384, requesting the Legislative Audit Committee to determine whether gross fiscal mismanagement exists in the Texas Youth Commission, and recommending the appointment of a conservator to take over the commission.

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