From the Office of State Senator Troy Fraser

For Immediate Release
April 10, 2008


Senator Fraser issued the following statement regarding the decisions of three PEC board members not to run for re-election. The members are Acting Board President E.B. Price, Director Barry Adair, and Advisory Director Ola Armstrong.

"I am encouraged that these three directors have announced their decision not to run. The public has lost confidence in this board and I think we need new leadership. The people who were in the room when the board made misguided decisions need to leave. I encourage them to either resign, or when they're up for re-election, not to run again. By stepping aside, Mr. Price, Mr. Adair, and Ms. Armstrong are helping the Pedernales Electric Cooperative move beyond the scandals of the past to a more effective board."

"This is yet another step in the right direction. Earlier this week, PEC General Manager Juan Garza agreed to allow the Public Utility Commission to be involved in the ongoing operational review. I believe that the Public Utility Commission, the state agency with regulatory authority over the electric industry, is in the best position to investigate and understand the complexities of an electric company so that it may best serve its customers. Allowing for a more thorough review is a key step toward restoring the public trust."

"One beauty of the cooperative system is that member-owners have the power to determine how to run their cooperative. Now, it's the responsibility of those member-owners to make sure the PEC board gets strong leadership. We have a large number of candidates. I encourage member-owners to attend the May 1st candidate forum to learn more about their choices. I urge local media to provide comprehensive coverage of the candidates and their positions on the issues. There's a lot at stake, and we must make an informed decision."