Press Release
From the Office of State Senator Royce West - District 23

For Immediate Release
CONTACT: Kelvin Bass
July 17, 2009

Senator West says postal plan needs more public input

DALLAS — State Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) thinks a study by the United States Postal Service on consolidating regional facilities has proceeded too far without the community having been part of the process. The Area Mail Processing (AMP) Feasibility Study proposes the removal of operations from the Dallas - Main Post Office (Dallas Processing and Distribution Center) on Interstate 30W near Sylvan, to what is the North Texas Processing and Distribution Center in Coppell, Texas.

“My office has received numerous calls over the past week from citizens expressing concern over a plan they fear could lead to the closure of the Main Post Office,” said Senator West. “While postal officials say they have gathered sufficient public input into the process, truth is that few knew the study was taking place and the public largely, has not been informed.”

A public meeting was held July 1, at Mountain View College. Postal officials say 260 attended. Postal union officials and a Dallas City Council member say the overwhelming majority of those present were postal employees. Postal officials say the proposed changes will have no impact on local customer service and that a final decision has not been reached.

“When I spoke with several regional level officials today, including the Dallas District Manager, they flatly refused to even consider more time for public input. It seems to me that the decision has already been made to move forward with the plan,” said Senator West. “There could be efficiency factors involved, but otherwise, I do not see the logic in de-emphasizing a well-established, centrally-located facility that the community has come to count on in favor of a functional shift to a more remote location.”

Some fear the plan to phase out the Main Post Office is well underway. Union officials say they can document hundreds of worker transfers from the Dallas facility and that more are planned. Postal officials say the Coppell facility is better-equipped to conduct regional operations. Federal level elected officials have been contacted by Senator West. The deadline to submit public input expired Thursday, July 16. Senator West is calling on postal officials to allow more time for public input. There are no plans to re-open the public comment period.

For more information, please contact Kelvin Bass at 214-467-0123 or 469-231-7113.