Senator West's 2004 Press Releases

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Icon: Press ReleaseNovember 9, 2004
Multi-cultural kids need multi-lingual teachers

Icon: Press ReleaseOctober 15, 2004
Not Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Icon: Press ReleaseSeptember 29, 2004
Senator West brings head of Health and Human Services Commission for Town Hall Meeting

Icon: Press ReleaseAugust 9, 2004
OP-ED: Top 10 Percent Law is Still Texas' Best Option

Icon: Press ReleaseJuly 14, 2004
Police, Sheriffs in Violation of State Law

Icon: Press ReleaseJune 2, 2004
Op-Ed: Where's the deliberation?

Icon: Media BroadcastMay 14, 2004
Press Conference on Public School Finance

Icon: Press ReleaseMay 6, 2004
Senator West, Governor Perry bring Spot Bid Contract Fair to Dallas

Icon: Press ReleaseApril 29, 2004
Senator West, UNT and cities plan partnership to develop racial profiling model

Icon: Press ReleaseApril 2, 2004
Senator West honored by TAMACC for minority business initiatives

Icon: Press ReleaseFebruary 9, 2004
Former U.S. Senator - Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun Highlights Summit Roster of Speakers

Icon: Press ReleaseJanuary 15, 2004
Senator West and Senator Ellis to host 6th African American Legislative Summit