Senator Bob Deuell

May 6, 2011


Senate passes sonogram bill

AUSTIN — The Senate this week passed legislation that would require a woman to receive a sonogram before an abortion and allow her to see and hear the fetus. Rep. Sid Miller, the House author, concurred with the Senate version and it now awaits Gov. Perry's signature.

As a doctor and proud co-sponsor of this bill, I am concerned that many women are not being given adequate information about the abortion procedure's risks or their baby's development.

I cannot imagine doing any procedure to the uterus -- much less an abortion -- without performing a sonogram to verify gestational age, uterine anatomy, and whether the pregnancy is in fact in the uterus. Without this information, the risk of bleeding, damage to the uterus and other medical complications is significantly higher.

In addition to protecting the health of the mother, this bill will help women avoid one of the most tragic implications of abortions: remorse. In my 25 years of practicing medicine, I have spoken to many women who would not have aborted their baby if they knew of its actual development.

I believe that giving women the opportunity to see and hear the fetus will allow them to make a decision they won't regret. Performing a sonogram before an abortion makes the procedure safer, makes the women more informed, and will ultimately reduce the number of abortions in Texas.

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