Senator Bob Deuell

July 22, 2010


Secretary of State Fact Sheet on Early Voting and Statewide Propositions

AUSTIN — Recently, Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade released information regarding the upcoming General Election, including election dates, early voting information and early voting facts. In addition, the Secretary of State addressed rumors surrounding statewide propositions on the General Election ballot. The full text of the releases can be found below. For additional information, please visit

Important Election Dates

Important Election Dates

Early Voting Facts

With early voting, Texans have 12 days to vote instead of 12 hours on Election Day.

While Texans will go to the polls on Nov. 2 to decide who will represent them in many federal, state, district and local offices, there are no statewide propositions on the ballot that day, according to Secretary of State Hope Andrade.

Rumors — fueled by an e-mail circulating around the state — of a constitutional amendment on the ballot regarding the homestead tax are not accurate, Andrade said.

“Our office has been contacted by citizens that received or heard of the e-mail,” said Andrade. “We want to make sure people have correct information and are prepared to vote on the issues before them. It is an important election, but there are no statewide constitutional amendments on the Nov. 2 ballot.”

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