Senator Bob Deuell

July 8, 2010


Latest News From the Texas Senate

AUSTIN — Yesterday I was in Austin for Senate Finance Committee's bi-weekly interim hearing. We heard public and invited testimony on a number of issues including the Texas Business Tax and the effectiveness and efficiency of various sections of the state tax code. In addition we explored the capacity and infrastructure of rural hospitals, which -- as a family physician -- I found particularly interesting.

For additional information about the Senate Finance Committee, including agendas for future hearings and minutes from past hearings, please visit the committee homepage by clicking here: Senate Finance Committee. At the bottom of this update, I have included the full URL for the committee's homepage in case you are having trouble with the hyperlink.

Senate Committee on State Affairs

Next Wednesday, July 14, I will be back in Austin for the Senate State Affairs Committee hearing to study voter access. The first issue we will explore is the efficiency and accuracy of voter registration rolls; specifically, the feasibility and security of online registration and how to ensure that deceased or other ineligible voters are not included on the rolls. The second charge is to study the feasibility of electronically delivering ballots to members of the military serving in the United States and abroad. We must ensure that our soldiers' ability to vote is never hindered by their location.

Like the Senate Finance Committee, additional information for the State Affairs Committee can be found on the committee's homepage located here: Senate State Affairs Committee. I have also included the full URL at the bottom of this update.

New State Sen. Brian Birdwell

I would also like to extend a warm welcome the Senate's newest member, Col. Brian Birdwell, who recently won the special election to represent our neighbor to the west -- Senate District 22. I had the opportunity to meet with him yesterday and after seeing his dedication to the job, I am confident he will represent his district with passion and pride. I look forward to working with Sen. Birdwell on all the issues that are important to north Texans.

Additional Committee Information

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