Senator Bob Deuell

February 19, 2010


Interim Charges Released for Health and Human Services Committee

AUSTIN — As a practicing physician and state senator, I have devoted most of my adult life to public health. When I am not seeing patients face-to-face at my Greenville clinic, I am often studying and working on health care issues as a member of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. I've sat on the Health and Human Services Committee since I was first elected in 2003, and I'm grateful for the opportunity it gives me to help Texas achieve efficient, accessible health care statewide.

Although the next legislative session doesn't start until January 2011, our work on important health issues can't wait. Below is a short list of items that Lt. Gov. Dewhurst recently released for our committee to study during the interim:

  1. Study the implications of federal healthcare legislation on Texas, the health care industry, and public and private insurance. Assess the impact to all state uninsured and uncompensated care programs and county programs for the uninsured, including county property tax programs to pay for the uninsured. Make recommendations for the efficient implementation of programs.
  2. Study the benefits, efficiencies and costs, and effectiveness of the social service related prevention and early intervention programs at the health and human services agencies. Make recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these programs.
  3. Review the timeliness and efficiency of the Health and Human Service Commission's eligibility system.
  4. Study the state's ability to appropriately respond to the H1N1 influenza pandemic by examining issues related to vaccine distribution and capacity.

As you can see, our work will be on a wide range of issues. For more information about the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, including a full list of the 14 interim charges, visit

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