Senator Bob Deuell

May 22, 2009
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Deuell Expands Healthcare For Disabled Children

AUSTIN — Last week Gov. Perry signed SB 187, a bill I authored that would require the Health and Human Services Commission to develop and implement a Medicaid buy-in program for children with disabilities.

Many Texas families have an income level high enough to disqualify them from Medicaid benefits but too low to fully pay for the medical care of a disabled child. This leaves some parents having to turn down job promotions, take lower paying jobs, or even consider divorce to remain within an income bracket. I have even heard of cases where families had to make the difficult choice between food or healthcare for their child. It is unconscionable to me that a family in the state of Texas should have to make this choice, and the governor and I are confident that this bill will increase access to healthcare for these families.

With the signing of SB 175, families with disabled children are now allowed to pay premiums in return for Medicaid benefits. The bill also includes assistance for disabled children who are under-insured by an employee-sponsored plan.

This is a big step in increasing the number of Texas families who can access quality healthcare without fear of poverty. These families don't want a handout and it is important that we allow these families to receive care that meets their children's unique needs while remaining affordable.

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