Senator Bob Deuell

December 17, 2008


Information on Recent Sunset Commission Recommendations

(AUSTIN) -- This week I spent Monday and Tuesday in Austin for an important meeting of the Sunset Advisory Commission. Along with four of my colleagues from the Senate, five from the House, and two public members, I listened to staff presentations and public testimony concerning the following important state agencies: Texas Commission on Jail Standards, Board of Tax Professional Examiners, Texas Facilities Commission, Texas Medical Board, Texas Youth Commission, Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, Office of Independent Ombudsman, Texas Military Preparedness Commission, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. All the presentations were interesting and informative and I was pleased that a large number of citizens decided to join us and offer public testimony.

Following testimony on Tuesday, we made decisions concerning five agencies reviewed earlier in the year: the Credit Union Commission, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education, Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Residential Construction Commission. All of these have important responsibilities and I am confident that the decisions reached by my colleagues and me will help increase the efficiency and accountability of our state.

The commission meeting ran late into the night and, unfortunately, we were unable to reach Texas Department of Insurance. The next scheduled meeting is January 14th and at that time we will be able to revisit previous issues.

To read more about Sunset Commission recommendations, or to learn more about the Sunset Process in Texas, please visit their website at As always, please feel free to contact my office with questions or comments you may have as we enter the legislative session. My staff and I will be happy to help you in any way possible.

To contact Sen. Deuell about the legislative process, contact the Capitol Office at (512) 463-0102 or mail to Sen. Bob Deuell, Texas Senate, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711. The website for the Texas Senate is The e-mail address for Sen. Deuell is: