Senator Bob Deuell

October 23, 2008


Information on Unclaimed Property

(AUSTIN) -- On Sunday, October 19, the State Comptroller's office released the names of 130,000 people that currently have unclaimed property being held by the State of Texas.

According to Comptroller Susan Combs, Texas is holding more than $1.7 billion in forgotten money and items from old bank accounts, royalties, and payroll checks. The 2008 Unclaimed Property List, which names people with $250 or more in unclaimed property as reported this year, ran in more than 30 Texas newspapers.

Last fiscal year, the State of Texas returned $120 million back to it's rightful owners. With the increasing cost of food and gas, it is more important than ever that Texans receive the financial help they need and are owed.

If you need further information, you may call the Comptroller's office toll-free at (800) 654-3463 or direct in Austin at (512) 463-3120 and they will be happy to field any questions you may have about unclaimed property. You can also search for unclaimed property online and begin the claims process at If you would like to contact our office for help, feel free to use the contact information listed below for help.

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