Senator Bob Deuell

September 18, 2008


Information on Past and Upcoming Committee Meetings

(AUSTIN) -- This week I flew down to Austin for a two-day meeting of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee under Chairwoman Jane Nelson. Starting on Tuesday we heard public and invited testimony concerning the Joint Committee Charge to review Medicaid provider reimbursement rate methodologies. As a family physician, a priority of mine is making sure doctors can continue to afford providing medical care to our neighbors that need it most. We also listened to testimony regarding the creation of the Texas Cancer Research and Prevention Institute before recessing.

The committee convened again Wednesday morning in the Senate chamber to hear testimony relating to monitoring the Department of Aging and Disability Services' improvement plan for the system of care for individuals with developmental disabilities, focusing on efforts to improve state schools, and provide more community care options. Both days were productive and full of interesting and informative presentations.

Next week, the Sunset Advisory Commission will be meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the House Appropriations Committee Room. On Tuesday we will see presentations and testimonies regarding the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, the Credit Union Department, and the Texas Residential Construction Commission. The Departments of Transportation and Agriculture will also be discussed. Wednesday will be used to wrap up unfinished items from Tuesday as well as make commission decisions regarding the Department of Public Safety, the Private Security Board, the Polygraph Examiners Board, the Texas Department of Insurance, and the Office of the Public Council.

If you would like to testify concerning an agency, it is recommended you submit a Witness Affirmation Form thirty minutes before the start of the hearing. Providing testimony is one of the best ways to play a role in the legislative process and I urge anyone who is able, to do so. If you cannot make it to the hearing but would still like to have your voice heard, please feel free to contact my office with questions or concerns and my staff will be happy to help you. As always, materials relating to the hearing can be found at and a live internet broadcast can be found at

To contact Sen. Deuell about the legislative process, contact the Capitol Office at (512) 463-0102 or mail to Sen. Bob Deuell, Texas Senate, P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX 78711. The website for the Texas Senate is The e-mail address for Sen. Deuell is: