Senator Bob Deuell

July 31, 2008


Tips for Reducing Energy Costs

(AUSTIN) -- As summer dredges on and July turns to August, temperatures in north Texas continue to hover around 100 degrees and, unfortunately, relief is still months away. Many citizens of Senate District Two have written or called my office with concerns over high energy costs.

Many organizations and agencies, including the Department of Energy, offer tips on managing your power usage and saving on energy costs. Some of these include:

For those of you that use TXU Energy, TXU has a number of ways to help out those struggling with energy bills. Customers who are designated as low-income, who are ill or disabled and who are 62 years of age or older are eligible for more flexible payment plans through September 30. If you feel you may qualify, call 800-242-9113 and inform them of your needs. For customers at least 62 years of age or with an electric bill payment history of no more than one late payment during the prior 12-months period, you can call the above number to request a deposit waiver.

The above tips have been compiled from and the Department of Energy. For further help in reducing energy costs, call your local energy provider or search for tips online.

As always, for questions, comments or help, feel free to contact my office and my staff or I will be happy to help you.

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