Senator Bob Deuell

May 3, 2007
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CONTACT for Rep. Delisi: James A. Cooley
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Joint statements from Sen. Robert Deuell and Rep. Dianne White Delisi regarding the unanimous decision by the Senate Committee On Health and Human Services to adopt the committee substitute for SB 439

AUSTIN -- "With the steps we are taking with this legislation, we are working to improve the Advance Directive Bill passed in 1999. Under the provisions in this bill, we have taken steps to protect patients and help families deal with very difficult situations. We have also recognized the position of health care providers in a way that respects their compassionate care of people who may be facing permanent disability or death. We have recognized a patient's right to basic hydration and nutrition, regardless of any other factor, and we have worked together to be compassionate while facing the realities of end of life issues."

Senator Robert Deuell, author of SB 439

"This action by the Senate is a positive step in the right direction to achieve broad consensus on a critical issue. I am grateful for all of the work done by so many people to move forward comprehensive reforms to the Texas Advanced Directives Act. The central tenet of this legislation has been compassionate care. It has been crafted by patients, families, physicians, caregivers, the pro-life community, nurses, clergy and people of faith, hospitals, and from the many witnesses who participated in the multiple public hearings held in both chambers. The need to have an advanced directive act that respected all consciences was heard and acted upon in this legislation. I look forward to working with Sen. Deuell as SB 439 advances. I also must thank Chairman Jane Nelson for her leadership."

Representative Dianne White Delisi, Chairman, House Committee on Public Health