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The Texas State Senate
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For Immediate Release
April, 06 2004


Information on the Texas Military Preparedness Commission

The 75th Texas Legislature directed the Texas Department of Economic Development to establish and maintain an Office of Defense Affairs. During that session, the Legislature also established the Texas Strategic Military Planning Commission (TSMPC).

Governor George W. Bush appointed nine citizens of Texas to serve as Commissioners and to act as an advisory group to the Office of Defense Affairs. This was the beginning of Texas taking a proactive role in assessing the value of our military resources.

During the 78th Legislature, Senate Bill 652 abolished the Office of Defense Affairs and the TSMPC and created the office of the Texas Military Preparedness Commission (TMPC). The new Commission, under the Governor's Office, contains nine members appointed by Governor Perry, with appropriate staff. It's mission is to develop a pro-active statewide strategy to assist defense-dependent communities in the prevention of future base closures and realignments and to assist defense dependent communities prepare for the next generation of military in Texas. The staff and Commissioners are committed to ensuring the state's leadership role in defense-related issues.

With an estimated economic impact of $43.4 billion, the military has always been a driving force in Texas' diverse economy. Texas also enjoys a rich military history, with historic active installations like Fort Sam Houston, Fort Bliss, Randolph Air Force Base, and Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Because the military is such an important part of our heritage, Texans must continue to support the state efforts to expand the military presence and become more active in seeking lasting partnerships with our defense communities.

The mission of Office of the TMPC is to offer assistance to defense dependent communities and businesses. The Office is charged with two primary missions. The first is develop and administer an Annual Master Plan Report that assists the state's defense communities prepare for future Base Realignments & Closures (BRAC) and secondly to assist defense communities that have already been impacted by BRAC. These affected communities are assisted through The Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant Program and the Texas Military Value Revolving Loan Fund.

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Texas Military Preparedness Commission
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